Teen TechsTM is no longer located at Wood Middle School. We are in the process of evaluating other locations in Alameda and we will keep you posted as soon as possible!

Teen TechsTM

We are Nerds!!!

Teen TechsTM
a tutoring and service-learning after school program
for students

bullet Thinking of donating your computer, but youíre afraid that someone will use the information on your hard drive. Donate your system to Teen TechsTM Program! We will reformat it and remove all your data and recycle it back to the community for use! Tax deductible receipts provided.

bullet Need a computer but canít afford it, if youíre a current student, you can apply for a refurbished system to take home!

bullet Your system has viruses or itís not working, if youíre a current student, you can bring it to the Teen TechsTM Program to get it fixed!

Wood Middle School has recently partnered with the Purdue University Department of Engineering's famed EPICS program, which promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields being applied via service-learning across the curriculum. In the summers of 2011, 2012 and 2013, our Wood Middle School SLWRP teacher team attended an educator institute at Purdue, making Wood Middle School the first middle school in the nation to participate in EPICS, traditionally geared only to high school and collegiate levels. Wood Middle School has launched a ground-breaking after school program called Teen TechsTM. This program will not only tutor students in computer technology, but also provide service-learning opportunities which will benefit the Alameda community. Meeting twice a week, with two different groups of students, Teen TechsTM will give lessons in software development, robotics, animation techniques and production, website creation, video production, and computer hardware. As an outreach to the community, Teen TechsTM will also provide services including virus removal, as well as the rebuilding of donor computers for regifting to the community. The program is being offered to Wood Middle School students free of charge and is a collaboration between a Wood parent and a Wood teacher. We are now seeking ways (and funding) to implement the EPICS program at Wood for this year for Teen TechsTM as an after school program. We are excited about the possibilities for our students: to inspire and develop the next generation of makers, creators, and innovators, creating a community of learners engaged in linking education to real-world applications.

Send emailto info@teentechs.org

Modified on February 25, 2013